Girl’s Day’s Minah Sheds Tears During Performance on Last Episode of “Healing Camp”

Girl’s Day’s Minah sheds tears on the final episode of “Healing Camp,” which will air on February 1. Also appearing on the show are singers Park Jung Hyun, Lyn, Noel, Norazo, and Navi.

During the show, Minah sings a song in response to an audience member’s story, in which the audience member explains the hardships that she faced while trying to follow her dreams.

However, Minah has to stop the song midway into her performance because of her tears. She then walks up to the audience member and gives her a warm hug, providing both encouragement and compassion.

“Even after I debuted, I had doubts about my career,” Minah says, revealing the reason behind her tears. “Even though I was doing what I loved the most, which is singing, I felt as if I wasn’t happy.”

Minah 2

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