TV Show Addresses Rumors of Yoo Ah In Being Gay

On the Channel A show “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” restaurant owner and openly gay TV personality Hong Suk Chun spoke out about rumors of actor Yoo Ah In being gay.

It’s a rumor familiar in the industry – that Yoo Ah In is gay. The rumors first started when Yoo Ah In was spotted at a popular gay bar and a picture of him there started circulating online. Even the actor himself knows of these gay rumors and has said before that the rumors are untrue and that the story has been twisted. He is reported to have said, “But that one photo has become like some kind of evidence that I am.”

Yoo Ah in 1

Yoo Ah in 2 Yoo Ah in 3

Regarding this rumor, Hong Suk Chun said, “If that is the logic, then every male and female celebrity that has been to a gay bar should be gay,” emphasizing the fallacy of that kind of reasoning.

Actor Gong Hyung Jin pointed out that if it was true that Yoo Ah In was gay, the actor himself would have admitted, considering his personality.

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