Song Il Gook Shares Videos of Baby Minguk, Bringing You Your Daily Dose of D’aww

These videos are sure to put a smile on your face!

Actor Song Il Gook, also famously the father of the Song Triplets, recently created an Instagram account in which he has been sharing photos of toddler Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, current and past. Today, he shared three videos and a photo of baby Minguk, which has fans of the triplets melting over the cuteness.

For this video, Song Il Gook writes that Minguk is moving his head for his grandmother.

외할머니 앞에서 고갯짓하는 민국이~^^ #송민국 #songminguk

A video posted by @songilkook on

In this video, Minguk makes adorable baby sounds, amused by the rattle.

민국이의 옹알이~^^ #songminguk #송민국 A video posted by @songilkook on

For this video, Song Il Gook writes that this t is Minguk soon after birth, when he was with his mother at the post-natal care center.

민국이 산후조리원 때~^^ #songminguk #송민국 A video posted by @songilkook on

Song Il Gook also shares a image of baby Minguk making the face we love him for. Song Il Gook calls him “expression rich Ming-goo-gi.”

표정부자 밍구기~^^ #송민국 #songminguk A photo posted by @songilkook on

Although the triplets leaving “The Return of Superman” left a big hole in our hearts, these videso are helping to make it easier!

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