Lee Kwang Soo Confesses That He’s Terrible at Making Decisions on “We Kid”

Actress Park Bo Young invites her “Collective Invention” co-star Lee Kwang Soo as her supporting friend on the premiere episode of Mnet’s new performance show “We Kid” (short for “We Sing Like a Kid”).

When asked why she chose the “Running Man” star, Park Bo Young explains, “I’m really indecisive. So I invited someone who knows me well, because I thought they could help.”

park bo young lee kwang soo

Yoo Yeon Seok says, “Personally, I know Lee Kwang Soo for his indecisiveness more than his musical talents.”

yoo yeon suk

Lee Kwang Soo then admits, “I have never in my entire life met someone who’s as bad as me at making decisions. I really can’t make a decision.”

park bo young lee kwang soo 2

Park Bo Young is so surprised that all she can do is laugh, and MC Kim Sung Joo comments, “It looks like he won’t be of much help then!”

park bo young lee kwang soo 3

Watch more of Lee Kwang Soo and Park Bo Young on February 18’s episode of “We Kid.”

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