Watch: EXID’s Hani Reveals the Secret to Eating Without End

On the February 20 broadcast of SBS food show “Three Great Emperors,” EXID‘s Hani unleashes her inner mukbang queen.

On the menu is tangsuyuk (sweet and sour crispy pork) and yukgaejang (spicy beef and vegetable soup), and Hani is clearly in her happy place as she grubs on the food.


When Hani’s asked why she’s putting the tangsuyuk in her mouth right after she has some of the yukgaejang, she explains, “There a newly coined phrase among women in their twenties these days called ‘dan jjan dan jjan’ (short for sweet savory sweet savory).”

She continues, “When you eat something savory after you eat something sweet and do that repeatedly, you can eat without end.”

Hani sounds like a pro! You can watch her mukbang below.

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