Chen Shares How He Felt About EXO’s Super Power Concept on “Radio Star”

On February 24’s episode of MBC’s hard-hitting and frank talk show “Radio Star,” EXO member Chen guests along with “Running Man”’s Ji Suk Jin, actor Choi Sung Gook, and Top Combine‘s Kim Eun Sung.

Host Kim Gura asks Chen about EXO’s debut concept, in which each member had their own super power. “I was lightning,” says Chen with a smile.

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“Have you ever used your super power?” jokes Kim Gura, and Chen bursts out laughing. “Could you just show us a little bit?” asks Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

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Kim Gura says, “I’m curious though, did you feel embarrassed by the concept?”

“I was really embarrassed,” says Chen. “In the beginning, I was really against our group name and the super power concept. Our members all had different ones like teleportation, fire, water, light, ice, and that kind of thing.”

“When we were interviewed after we debuted, they’d always ask us to show our super powers,” he continues. “I really hated it!”

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“So what did you do?” asks Kim Gura.

“We had to do it!” says Chen. “We were rookies, so we had to do it!”

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He then points in the air and shows how he would pretend to be making lightning, and explains that they’d add CGI to the show later on.

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Yoon Jong Shin encourages Chen to show them properly for old time’s sake, and Chen says, “It’s been so long!” He then stands up and dramatically pretends to shoot a bolt of lightning at Choi Sung Gook.

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Watch more of Chen on February 24’s episode of “Radio Star”!

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