Watch: EXO’s Chen Is Asked to Choose Between Kyu-Line and Ryeo-Line on “Radio Star”

On February 24’s episode of “Radio Star,” EXO’s Chen gets put in a tricky situation when he’s asked to choose between Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Kyuhyun!

Host Kim Kook Jin says he heard that Chen called co-host Kyuhyun for advice when he found out he was going to guest on “Radio Star,” but Kyuhyun acted sulky on the phone.

Chen laughs and explains that Kyuhyun seemed to be upset because Ryeowook had mentioned his “Ryeo-Line” on “Radio Star.”

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Last month, Ryeowook appeared on the show and told the story of how he formed a group of friends called the “Ryeo-Line” in response to being left out of the activities of Kyuhyun’s famous “Kyu-Line.” Ryeowook said at the time that Chen as well as his fellow EXO member D.O are part of the “Ryeo-Line.”

Chen says, “Kyuhyun was like, ‘You don’t usually call me, why are you calling me to say you’re going to be on ‘Radio Star’? You’re from the ‘Ryeo-Line!’”

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Kyuhyun replies, “We used to meet up with Changmin together as a trio, and so I thought ‘Chen takes good care of me!’ But then Ryeowook came on the show and talked about the ‘Ryeo-Line.’”

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“Kyuhyun is really cliquish!” jokes host Yoon Jong Shin.

Kim Kook Jin then says to Chen, “Pick a side: Kyuhyun or Ryeowook?”

Chen only smiles and awkwardly rubs his neck, and Kyuhyun takes the hint. “I think he’ll be more close with Ryeowook,” he says.

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When asked what he likes about Ryeowook, Chen replies, “Ryeowook takes good care of me too, and I’ve been on his radio show a few times.” To wrap up, Yoon Jong Shin says, “Then we’ll say you’re not a member of the ‘Kyu-line.’”

Kyuhyun pretends to sigh and jokes, “Then I guess I’d better take care of Suho.”


Watch the clip below!

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