Kyuhyun Reveals Why EXO’s Chen Took Suho’s Spot on “Radio Star”

Suho may not be the most popular member within EXO for variety shows, according to Kim Gu Ra.

On the episode of “Radio Star” aired on February 24, those most popular in China appeared as guests for the “You’re China Style” special.

“When my managing agency was considering who to send out to ‘Radio Star,’ they first decided on Suho then changed to Chen,” Kyuhyun says. “Kim Gu Ra was very against it.”

suho chen 2

“Doesn’t even your managing agency admit he’s no fun,” Kim Gu Ra says.

“Kim Gu Ra actively told the producer that Suho is not funny,” Yoon Jong Shin reveals.

suho chen 3

Meanwhile, Ji Suk Jin, Choi Sung Gook, EXO’s Chen, and Top Combine’s Kim Eun Sung (also known as Tanas Kim) appear as guests for the show.

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