EXO’s Chen Reveals He Recently Purchased a Car for His Family

On February 24, MBC‘s “Radio Star” invited four stars who are extremely popular in China, for an “Oppa Is China Style” special. The guests include Ji Suk Jin, Choi Sung Gook, EXO‘s Chen, and Top Combine‘s Kim Eun Sung (also known as Tanas Kim).

During the broadcast, Chen confesses that “because I’m not really active on the internet or social media, I don’t always realize how popular we [EXO] are. However, I do feel it when we are performing.”

When Ji Suk Jin intensely agrees, insisting it’s the same for him, Yoon Jong Shin makes everyone laugh when he says, “I figured out the difference between Ji Suk Jin and Chen. Ji Suk Jin has more time than Chen.”

Kim Gu Ra, curious about Chen’s income, asks, “Have you bought a car?” Chen bashfully admits, “I actually recently purchased a car for my family.”

chen ji suk jin

chen ji suk jin 2

When Ji Suk Jin shows interest, asking about the capacity, Chen replies, “A diesel car with a capacity of 3000cc,” to which Ji Suk Jin exclaims,”It’s the same as me.”

He then asks Chen again, “Your car wouldn’t happen to be white, would it?” and Chen once again confirms, “It is white!”

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