“The Return of Superman” Confirms Final Filming Date for Choo Sarang and Family

The production team of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman” has confirmed the final filming date of the Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang family.

It was previously reported that the father and daughter pair would be leaving the show that they have been on for three years, but the exact exit date was not given. Today, however, the show reveals that Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang will be filming their last episode on on March 2. Their last episode will be centered around them preparing a special cafe event.

Earlier, Choo Sarang’s mother, Yano Shiho, posted onto her Instagram account (@shiho_style), instructions on how to partake in the event.

*Because of errors occurring with Instagram embeds, we are including a screenshot of the post.

yano shiho

Watch the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!