Akdong Musician Returning With New Album in April, Member Lee Chan Hyuk Enlisting in the Military After

Akdong Musician is finally coming back. Their last album release, with “Play,” was in April 2014.

Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, revealed today that the brother-sister duo will be releasing their new album early. The album, which will be Akdong Musician’s second album, is already fully recorded.

Along with the good news, come the bad. Yang Hyuk Suk also revealed that Lee Chan Hyuk, the male half of Akdong Musician, will be enlisting to fulfill his compulsory military service after promotions for the new album are complete.

Lee Chan Hyuk had surprised Yang Hyun Suk with his decision, saying he wants to go and plans to apply to the airforce or the marines. He thinks that if he goes and is surrounded by a new environment, he will have inspiration for new lyrics.

Yang Hyuk Suk jokingly replied at that time that Lee Chan Hyuk is too short to qualify for those divisions, but “many months have passed, and his mind has not changed at all,” reveals the CEO.

Along with the announcement of his plans, Lee Chan Hyuk had also asked Yang Hyun Suk to support his sister’s solo album.

Spring is looking to be a busy season for YG Entertainment with Lee Hi‘s and Akdong Musician’s comeback.

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