Lee Kwang Soo Experiences His Popularity in Dubai

On the episode of SBS’s “Running Man” aired on March 6, Lee Kwang Soo marveled at his popularity among the citizens of Dubai.

For the episode, the crew, Jung Il Woo, and Lee Da Hae travel to Dubai for the race.

The moment Lee Kwang Soo walks out of the airport, he is swarmed by a crowd of his fans. Though other popular stars such as Lee Da Hae and Jung Il Woo are present as well, Lee Kwang Soo is the center of attention and you can here many chant his name.

lee kwang soo 2 lee kwang soo 3

“Wow, Lee Kwang Soo is very popular,” Lee Da Hae comments.

For this episode, the members and guests play under a “Mission Impossible” themed race in Dubai.

Watch the scene of Lee Kwang Soo experiencing his popularity in Dubai in the video below!

You can watch the full episode here:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096413v-running-man-songs-of-the-sun-and-sand-rm-special-in-dubai-episode-289

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