Male Idol From a Six-Member Group Arrested for Drunk Driving

Local news source MBN reports that a member of a male idol group that is popular in Japan has been arrested by the police after being involved in a drunk driving accident.

The male idol is said to be 30-year-old (Korean reckoning) Mr. Yoon from a six-member group. He has been booked without detention by the Seoul Songpa Police for violating traffic laws.

Mr. Yoon is said to have been drunk while driving a BMW at around 1:20 a.m. today, March 7 KST. He drove over the center line in a road in Samjeon-dong and made an illegal U-turn. According to the police, he was ordered to stop, but he ignored it and tried to drive away. He then hit a telephone pole and continued trying to drive away, but after making a sudden left turn and stopping in a street in Seokchon-dong, the police car chasing him crashed into him. Two policemen were injured in the crash.

Mr. Yoon is said to have had a blood alcohol content of 0.092 percent at the time of the accident. The concentration is enough to have his driver’s license suspended.

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