Hidden Gems: 13 Most Underrated K-Pop Girl Group Singers

Given that K-pop is fast becoming an increasingly globalized and popular genre of music, it goes without saying that there is enough talent in the scene to validate this. More often than not, the biggest and most praised voices belong to the main vocals of each respective group. But this doesn’t necessarily mean others in the groups don’t have beautiful voices; it just means that their talent is a bit more obscured, especially if they don’t often have the chance to show it with solo projects or on stage. Keep reading to check out a select few whose voices are not as widely appreciated as they ought to be.



Although many have heard and praised Yuju’s powerful voice in GFRIEND, far fewer people have had the chance to listen to Eunha’s sweetly mellow and emotional vocals. Just recently, Eunha released her first ever solo OST track for the drama “Six Flying Dragons,” called “Don’t Come to Say Goodbye” (working title). With GFRIEND’s recent surge to popularity, hopefully Eunha will have more opportunities in the future to showcase her stable vocals both with her group and in solo projects.

Suzy – miss A

miss a suzy

While miss A’s Suzy is most widely known as the “nation’s first love,” as well as a successful idol-turned-actress and highly coveted commercial model, we shouldn’t forget that her debut into the entertainment field was as a singer. Too often, her abilities as a singer are pushed to the background in light of her other achievements and under the misconception that the “visual” of a girl group can’t sing. On the contrary, it’s worth taking a listen to Suzy’s songs; she actually has released quite a few solo OST tracks for her dramas as well as most recently, a chart-topping duet with EXO’s Baekhyun, “Dream.”

Amber – f(x)


f(x)’s Amber occupies one of those gray areas of being the designated rapper of her group when she first entered and trained under SM as a vocalist. In order to balance both passions, Amber had a solo debut, “Shake that Brass,” in which she both raps and sings. She further surprised her fans with a special song, “Beautiful,” in which she fully revealed the extent of her beautifully smooth vocal skills.

Luna- f(x)


Although Luna has always been the main power vocal of f(x), it’s surprising just how many people forget to include her in the usual list of “K-Pop’s Biggest Vocals.” And it’s not due to a lack of her voice in the market; she has sung countless OST tracks for dramas, been a part of collaboration stages, participates in singing programs like “Immortal Song,” and is a regular in the musical field. Her powerful voice literally reverberates even through a computer screen, so check it out for yourself!

Hyerin – EXID

exid hyerin

Many people have heard Solji’s voice at some point since EXID‘s rise in popularity, and everyone who has acknowledges her talent. But there’s another power vocal in this group who isn’t talked about as much: Hyerin. And while her amazing singing skills may not be on the radar as of yet, it’s safe to say that her voice qualifies as much better than average. If you didn’t know this already, check out this video.

Namjoo – A Pink

apink namjoo

A Pink also proudly boasts its lead singer with Eunji, but have you ever properly stopped to listen to Namjoo sing? Quite possibly one of the more underrated singers ever, Namjoo seems to always take a bit of a backseat. Her deeper tones hint that she may not be able to project higher notes but of course, she has definitely shattered that misconception even with just this one performance on “King of Masked Singer.”

Yuna – AOA

aoa yuna

AOA has a lot of memorable group members with Choa’s solid voice, Jimin’s compelling and distinct rap tone, and even Seolhyun’s appeal as Korea’s latest “it” girl. Many might forget that AOA also debuted as a band, meaning that the members in this group also have instrumental skills on top of their voices. With that said, Yuna’s emotional voice coupled with her keyboard skills definitely deserve the spotlight next.

Yujin – The Ark

the ark yujin

The Ark is a relatively new group on the K-pop scene, but their performances seem to speak for themselves, especially the one in which main vocal Yujin belts out a cover of “Don’t Think You’re Alone” (working title). Despite the fact that she’s singing in the street with a mic and speaker system, her voice really shines through and hints at a bright future for her and the whole group.

Minzy – 2NE1

2ne1 minzy

We all know 2NE1, and we all know Minzy’s crazy dance skills. We’ve seen her popping, locking, generally blowing everyone’s minds. But what about those singing skills? While she isn’t exactly known for her voice in particular, let’s take a look at the stability of the husky, darker tones of her voice that allow her to cover Beyonce’s “Halo.”

Sunny – Girls’ Generation

snsd sunny

Girls’ Generation’s members are all pretty well-known, and while the ladies of TaeTiSeo are definitely acknowledged for their voices, others in the group who possess great technique and vocal quality are often forgotten. Case in point: Sunny. She’s been a part of many OST collaborations/solo tracks, one of which is linked here. Her voice quality is extremely clear and crisp: definitely in the higher range. But what’s unique is that she can also belt out louder and longer notes with this voice timbre.

Sojung – Ladies’ Code


Ladies’ Code’s Sojung was a finalist and made it to Top 8 in the first season of “The Voice Korea,” and in cultivating such talent, eventually debuted in Ladies’ Code as the main vocal. Her huskier, sultry voice quality lends itself to a more uniquely jazzier voice than usually heard in K-pop. She has sung on many solo stages on different shows since her debut, and recently came back with a new single album with members Ashley and Zuny.

Uji – BESTie

bestie uji

BESTie is another group that debuted some time ago and yet hasn’t seen a critical breakthrough. But this doesn’t really say anything about the immense skills the members all possess, especially main vocal Uji. Uji was actually originally set to debut in a group with EXID’s Hani, Secret’s Song Jieun, and SISTAR’s Hyorin, and accordingly, there’s definitely no question about her incredible range as well as flawless technique.



Personally, I would say that Spica is one group that collectively shines with unspeakable talent yet hasn’t had a real break in the K-pop scene. Some incredibly big voices are in this group including Spica’s Boa, Bohyung, and Narae. Combine that with Jiwon‘s sweet tones and Juhyun‘s deeper rapping and you’ve got an all-star group. Their voices are so incredibly powerful, and their harmonies so seamlessly blended that you can’t help but become a fan.

sophfly will literally spend hours clicking on Recommended Videos on Youtube, watching covers and performances one after the next. All of which has led her to find so many examples of vocalists not always in the spotlight but nevertheless, still extremely talented.

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