Girl’s Day’s Hyeri to Remain in Hospital for Further Treatment

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is expected to stay in the hospital for further treatment despite some previous reports suggesting that she will be discharged on March 10.

Her agency Dream Tea Entertainment explained on March 9 that Hyeri is gradually regaining her health, but it’s too early to estimate when she will be released from the hospital. “Hyeri needs more time for rest and recovery. She will also undergo further treatment.”

“While her medical status is now stable, we will keep monitoring her progress. She won’t be released tomorrow (on March 10). Instead, she will receive treatment until she’s fully recovered.”

The agency emphasized that they won’t rush with Hyeri’s return to promotions and other activities. “Her temperature has gone down a lot and she’s recovering, but we plan to have her rest for a while.”

Meanwhile, Hyeri was hospitalized on March 6 after being diagnosed with meningitis.

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