After School’s Nana Opens Up About Being Labeled as Having the Most Beautiful Face in the World

After School‘s Nana talked about how she felt being ranked as number one for the most beautiful person in the world.

On the recent episode of “Radio Star” on March 9, Nana spoke up about the ranking, which was made by TC Candler who ranked Nana as number one for having the most beautiful face in the world for two years in a row.

nana radio star2

Nana said, “I am thankful towards the person who picked me. My mom even likes it. But I received a lot of negative comments after it spread through news articles.”

nana radio star3

She continued, “I don’t think I am the prettiest in the world, either. I feel embarrassed and sorry. I always hear people saying [that I’m the prettiest] when I go to China or Japan. I think it’s become a unique title for me.”

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