9 Korean Stars With the Hottest Post-Military Abs

When we hear that our favorite idols and entertainers are heading off to the military there are two thoughts that run through our minds: “How am I going to survive 22 months without him?” and “What is he going to look like shirtless when he comes back?”

The military not only gives us men who have dedicated time and effort to their body, but also young men who have grown and changed in the time they spent training to be military advocates for their country. You can see in their faces that they’ve grown up. You can see in their washboard, chocolate abs that they have worked hard. Without further ado, we bring you a gallery of boys turned men. Please enjoy. I know I did.

1. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo has always been known for his fabulous body and cheeky grin. It is no surprise to see him emerge from the military more muscular than ever. What didn’t change was his ambition — he still chased after unusual, challenging roles that required more than just a mighty fine set of chocolate abs. On top of all that goodness, he is also a humanitarian, working for children’s rights.

2. Se7en


This R&B crooner is no stranger to the spotlight, and neither are his abs. They feature on an album cover or two while Se7en‘s warm tenor and slick rapping float through the tracks. No matter what is going on in this man’s life or in his career, he always delivers — including coming out of the military looking sharp and chiseled in face and body.

3. Lee Ki Woo

Lee Ki Woo

Lee Ki Woo, a silver and small screen actor, has been active for ages. His huge frame and kind eyes have made him a popular second lead. His post-military modelesque physique won him a lot of attention during “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.” He’s always been a big, cuddly bear of a man, which makes him a lady favorite. Since his return from the military he hasn’t stopped taking on roles, keeping himself busy and his abs available for our viewing pleasure.

4. Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook

Although he is tall and lean, Kim Jae Wook‘s abs could cut through anything. He defines that lean and muscular body type, which fits his face’s angular beauty. His acting holds the same quality, except for an increased depth that can be clearly seen in his silent, post-military role in “Who Are You.” It takes a lot to bring a wordless character to life, and this man has it. If only they had shown his ghostly abs in the drama.

5. Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon is a man with a prolific career, interesting role choices, and a fine set of chocolate abs that always remember to come out and grace us with a picture. They are as multi-faceted as Joo Ji Hoon himself. Before military service, he started in cult-classic “Goong.” Afterward, he jumped into heavier dramas that matched his two years of military experience like “Mask.”

6. Yoon Kye Sang

Yoon Kye Sang

From singing in g.o.d to acting, Yoon Kye Sang seems to do it all, and so do his abs. Even in the early 2000s when he was rockin’ it with Kim Tae Woo and the boys, his physique was clean cut and sexy. Now that he’s long out of the army with quite a bit of acting experience under his belt, we are always treated to the manliness that exudes from his fine form and his rounded acting.

7. Leeteuk


Leeteuk is only one of several of Super Junior members who have gone to serve his country and come back to rejoin the ranks of the definitive K-pop group. His musical experiences span from being a member of Super Junior, to the stage, to variety, to hosting. He has suffered many tragedies during the span of his career, but that has only made him stronger. His strong abs only reflect how strong he is inside.

8. Rain


Rain has defined what a healthy, fit body looks like for a very, very long time. This is a man who does his own stunts, who knows what it means to be sexy, and who can play with every facet of show biz. Since his release from the army he’s come back with albums and dramas. We can see in his face the maturity he gained in his looks as well as in experience. Currently he is starring in “Please Come Back, Mister” and working out his chocolate abs and sense of humor to the max.

9. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki might be the quintessential military conscript who returned with a bang. Just out of the army, he is now headlining “Descendants of the Sun,” a show that continues to break precedents, much due to his boyish good looks, post-army abs, and wickedly intense acting. He had all of these before, but the army clearly made a man out of our baby-faced “The Innocent Man” and “A Werewolf Boy” star. How can Song Hye Kyo‘s Kang Mo Yeon resist, especially when he has filled out so nicely?


We already made a guess as to whom the next batch of military conscripts will be. And there are a bunch of our beloved idols and actors who are currently serving, such as Lee Seung Gi and Siwon. I wonder what their first projects will be upon their return.

Who is your favorite boy-to-man transition, Soompiers?

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