Lee Hi Reveals the Pros and Cons of YG Entertainment

Singer Lee Hi, who recently made a comeback, revealed the advantages and disadvantages of her agency, YG Entertainment.

She started by saying that, “YG itself is a very large company and I think that my seniors have already set a global foundation for us juniors. I believe it’s thanks to them that I have an environment where I can work comfortably. I hope that I can receive help (from YG) to get firmly settled in, in terms of my music.”

To the participants of SBS‘s “K-Pop Star” who want to join YG, Lee Hi said, “The boss (Yang Hyun Suk) is always ambitious and I think he enjoys new things. He likes it when you sing with your unique color and attitude instead of copying or emulating others” and “One of the pros of YG is that you have the opportunity to go on world tours. A con would be that the hiatuses are very long. I think it’s a bit regretful that you have to rest just when you start to feel like you can enjoy the experience.”

The singer continued by saying, “I’m not resentful of my company. I was upset that I was full of enthusiasm and passion yet too young to do anything about the situation. Rather, I think that it eventually worked for my benefit. I think the fans ended up waiting even more intently for my return and I didn’t resent YG as a result.”

Regarding Yang Hyun Suk, who doesn’t hesitate to give hard yet affectionate criticisms, Lee Hi mentioned that, “If I were to pick something that has changed, he smiles for me more than before. While his comments can be hard, they have a certain warmth to them as well.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hi is currently active promoting her song, “Breathe,” after dropping her half album “Seoulite” on March 9. Despite a long hiatus of three years, Lee Hi has demonstrated her popularity by achieving no. 1 status across music sites.

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