Singer “C” Reportedly Investigated as Suspect for Prostitution

Reportedly, “well-known” singer “C,” as described by local news source The Fact, was found being summoned to the prosecutors’ office to receive questioning as a suspect for celebrity prostitution in the late of night. Singer “C” was seen appearing secretly at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office with her lawyer on March 15.

According to The Fact, singer “C,” who was brought up as a suspect for celebrity prostitution, arrived at the prosecutors’ office in a black Carnival minivan with her lawyer and related persons after receiving a notice for summons. She accessed the basement parking lot of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, where not many people come and go, wearing a black hat and face mask to hide her identity. She was escorted to the investigation room through the staff only entrance by two employees from the prosecutors’ office who were waiting in the parking lot.

“C,” who was active until late last year, had been named as a possible celebrity who engaged in prostitution for money since the International Crime Investigation Unit at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office revealed on March 4 that entertainment agency director Kang and employee Park were arrested on charges of operating celebrity prostitution deals. This is the first time that the identity of singer “C” has been confirmed since the issue was raised.

Singer “C” returned home after being questioned for three hours with her lawyer present. It has been confirmed by The Fact that the content of inquiry involved clarification on the detailed circumstances regarding the receiving of money from the other party, in the process of reconfirming the facts that were already acknowledged by the police investigation.

After being introduced to a Korean broker in April of last year, “C” was found to have received 35 million won (approximately $29,400) from Korean-American businessman Choi (English Name: M**) for sexual relations abroad. According to a source from the prosecutors’ office, in addition to singer “C,” former girl group member and actress “L” is expected to be summoned for questioning soon, already creating waves both within and without the entertainment industry.

A related individual from the entertainment industry, who has been observing the prostitution case closely, expressed his worry to The Fact by saying, “It is important to note that the relevant celebrity received questioning by the prosecutors’ office, not merely as a witness, but as a suspect” and “after experiencing various difficulties since the Sung Hyun Ah incident, the entertainment industry will be further disgraced due to another shameful event. I am concerned that the deviation of a few will negatively influence the image of celebrities overall.”

A representative from the former agency of singer “C” commented on the investigation to The Fact, saying that, “We also found out about the fact that she was being questioned on charges of prostitution later” and “although it is being said that the company, considering its defamation of image, withdrew its proposal for re-contracting after the relevant singer was involved in prostitution, this is not true at all.”

Previously, the International Crime Investigation Unit at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office took custody of entertainment agency director Kang (41, Korean reckoning) and employee Park (34, Korean reckoning) on charges of introducing singer “C,” actress “L,” another actress “C,” and two aspiring celebrities to domestic and international wealthy individuals and arranging prostitution deals.

Arrested prostitution broker Kang was the culprit behind the case involving actress Sung Hyun Ah, the so-called “Sung Hyun Ah sponsor” incident, who introduced female celebrities and received money for it in 2013. Previously, he was also charged and sentenced to imprisonment for six months for arranging “improper meetings” between nine women with wealthy men throughout a period of a year beginning in 2010. In addition to the rich Korean-American involved in the singer “C” incident, Kang has been caught red-handed in other cases as he was exposed to have received 15 million won (approximately $12,600) for introducing celebrities to those such as well-known, wealthy stock-owner Park.

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