Actress Kim Hee Ae Signs Exclusive Contract With YG Entertainment

It has been reported that actress Kim Hee Ae signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment (“YG” hereafter).

YG released the news of Kim Hee Ae’s contracting on March 17. After acting and promoting solo since debuting the actress decided on YG as her first agency ever.

Kim Hee Ae revealed that, “Through my first meeting with YG, I developed a sense of trust for them due to their professional and systematic management capabilities as well as their immense love and understanding for actors/actresses. I am looking forward to working with them since it is my first agency.”

Beginning with her debut film “First Day of 20 Years,” Kim Hee Ae has received love through numerous projects including MBC‘s “Son and Daughter,” “Season of Storms;” film “The 101st Proposition;” KBS2‘s “Precious Family;” SBS‘s “My Husband’s Woman;” JTBC‘s “A Wife’s Credentials,” “Secret Love Affair;” film “Thread of Lies;” and recently “Mrs. Cop.”

With the addition of Kim Hee Ae, YG now boasts an impressive line-up of top actors and actresses including Cha Seung Won, Choi Ji Woo, and Kang Dong Won.

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