Singer “C” Opens Up About Prostitution Charges

In addition to her former agency’s response to the news, singer “C” has opened up about being investigated by the prosecutors’ office on suspected involvement in celebrity prostitution.

Local news source Ilgan Sports conducted an interview with singer “C,” whom they claim is someone that wasn’t hard to figure out even though only the initial was given since her age and the fact that she left her agency recently was made known.

– Have you admitted to the charges in the investigation by the prosecutors’ office?

“First of all, I would like to apologize for causing such trouble. I have admitted to all charges while questioning. However, it’s not that I admitted that ‘I sold my body,’ it’s just that I realized that I couldn’t get away from that fact that what had happened to me could be legally defined as ‘prostitution.’ Therefore, I decided not to go through with a long legal process.”

– Does that mean that you did not know that your actions corresponded to prostitution?

“I am not a prostitute. I do not have the need nor the desire to sell my body for the money that was indicated. However, I was foolish enough to be tricked by the broker who I thought was my friend, and soon I was framed as a person who committed prostitution. This experience has taught me that ‘Anyone can be tricked’ and that ‘Anyone can unknowingly become a “prostitute.”’”

– Could you elaborate?

“I regret that I cannot go into more detail because this is information I have disclosed to the prosecutor’s office. All I can say is that a friend (who I later learned was a broker) lent me money during hard times which I thankfully accepted. Later, the friend told me, ‘You’re going through a lot, so you don’t have to pay me back.’ However I was asked, ‘Instead, could you meet a friend of mine who is a big fan of yours, like a blind date?’ It was only later that I realized that the man I had met was paying the broker money in order to see me.”

– Does that mean you never directly received money from the man?

“Never. To me, it was like meeting someone through any other blind date and I kept on seeing him afterwards with good intentions. Never in a million years would I have imagined it to be prostitution, and it was my fault for instantly trusting someone during my hard times. I’m not saying that I’m totally innocent. I was stupid. It was a foolish and poor decision. I’m regretting it very much and am sorry to both my family and fans.”

– How do you feel right now?

“My father passed away when I was young, and I grew up thinking that I had to protect my mom and my younger sibling. I wasn’t careful enough about borrowing money, and I didn’t know that there were shady transactions going on behind my back. I feel great remorse towards my fans. I’m not saying this with the intent to return to the entertainment scene or anything. I’ve been thinking about it every night and I am truly sorry that I have caused so much distress to those who have been cheering me on and supporting me. I will try to become a smarter person in the future.”

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