Cube Reassures That Jang Hyunseung Will Attend Fan Meetings and That He Is Not Leaving BEAST

Cube Entertainment sets the record straight regarding recent reports about BEAST‘s Jang Hyunseung.

Earlier, it was reported through the Taiwanese media that Jang Hyunseung will not be attending BEAST’s fan meeting in Taipei on April 4. Cube Entertainment, the group’s management, refutes the report, stating, “All six members will be attending the fan meeting in Taiwan, as well as all other upcoming group activities.”

It also refutes a recent report from a Korean media source that Jang Hyunseung was leaving the group. According to Kukinews, BEAST has already prepared changes in outfits, choreography, and song arrangement, and that rumors of Jang Hyunseung leaving has been known throughout the industry for about a year now. He apparently took different planes and cars than the members, pointing at discord among the group. Cube Entertainment denies rumors of Jang Hyunseung leaving the group, however, saying, “It’s completely untrue.”

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