Update: Block B Releases Teasers for Lead Single Ahead of Comeback

Update March 25 KST:

Block B has released Zico’s individual teaser!


Update March 24 KST:

Block B has released new teaser images for members Taeil and Jaehyo!



Block B‘s return comes closer as the group releases teaser images for their highly anticipated comeback.

So far, teaser images of B-Bomb, P.O, Park Kyung, and U-Kwon have been released. The images show a softer side of Block B, with the members looking sombre and mature, very trendy yet classic, and dandy yet casual in their outfits.

Block B will start off their comeback promotions in April with their mini album after releasing their lead single on March 28. It was previously announced that the lead single was in the neo-soul genre, a new challenge for Block B.

Block B will also be holding their concert on April 2 and 3 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

[Block B] Lead Single Official Photo - bbomb

Block B Lead Single Official Photo - U-KWONBlock B Lead Single Official Photo - P Oblock b Lead Single Official Photo - PARK KYUNG

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