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As we bid farewell to the Choo family, a founding family of “The Return of Superman,” we cannot forget all the joy and adventures this father-daughter duo, Choo Sarang and Choo Sung Hoon, graced our screens with, allowing us to watch Sarang grow up over the years. Take a look at moments that had us squealing in our seats over their cuteness and things we’ll miss about this wonderful family who have given us a look into their life for the last two and a half years.

1. Learning Korean

First on the list is when we were first introduced to the cheeky Sarang who couldn’t speak a word of Korean. Watch proud father Choo Sung Hoon play games with her to practice and the smile that comes across his face watching his little girl start learning more and identifying with part of her heritage.

2. Beautiful Mom Inside and Out

Sarang isn’t the only one who is learning more about Korean traditions and the language. Although the show focuses primarily on her relationship with her father, we are given chances to see her beautiful mother and model Yano Shiho also begin learning Korean alongside her daughter because she knows how important it is to her family. Catch a glimpse of how they use family time to test whose Korean is better!

3. Guest visitors

Sarang’s lovable smile and giggles were visited frequently by family friends! These celebrities always ended up leaving wanting to spend more time with the super star father-daughter duo. From her famous portrait of Park Myungsoo to being shy in front of Jang Geun Suk, there is never a dull moment with her around.
Check out this clip of her getting pampered by Girls’ Generation:

4. BIGBANG’s Cutest Fan

Most of us would probably feel weak in our knees if we were to meet the members of BIGBANG, but one fangirl exudes confidence through and through when dancing and singing along. What is it about her that can have even one of the most influential stars of Asia head over heels for her? Watch below to see how G-Dragon‘s visit went!

5. Family Over Everything

Most kids would probably be ecstatic to have Mickey Mouse in their living room and Queen Elsa deliver a birthday cake herself, but Sarang is no ordinary kid. When her family denies their true identity and continues playing the role of their Disney characters, Sarang’s world is shattered and bawls for her family to be restored. Watch the clip below to see how much this little girl loves her family!

6. Boyfriend Yuto

No more Sarang also means no more Yuto! We can’t forget to mention her first love now, can we? Yuto has been a comedic addition to watching Sarang and reminds all of us of that first crush that you completely adore yet bicker with 100 percent of the time. Here’s a clip that summarizes their relationship very well.

7. Mr. Steal Yo Girl Song Manse


Yuto and Sarang’s happiness and bliss is cut short quickly after the Song triplets joined the show. We can’t forget about when Song Manse came into the picture and created a new love triangle storyline, making Sarang quite popular with the boys. Do you all think it is Manse’s irresistible charm or sense of humor that makes him outshine Yuto? Witness the moment where they declared they wouldn’t say goodbye, but instead see you later.

8. Sung Hoon’s own cheer squad

With a career that can be seen as dangerous or intimidating, seeing Sarang and mom Shiho cheer Choo Sung Hoon on with posters and coordinated outfits can easily be claimed his strongest support system. With two beautiful women by his side, there is nothing Sung Hoon believes he cannot handle.

9. Adoring and doting Papa Choo

Last, but definitely not least, how could we forget those moments that we catch this loving father completely immersed in admiring how wonderful his daughter is. Whether it’s being tasked with taking her to get a shot to witnessing his daughter’s first love to making new friends all over, you can see in his loving eyes that he has never loved anything more in his life. Here’s a clip of them visiting a collage of all the precious moments they’ve shared throughout their time on the show.

We will truly miss watching the beautiful Miss Sarang on our screens and are thankful for all the smiles the duo has brought to our faces over the years. We can’t wait to hear about what new adventures they will be going on next.

What were your favorite moments with Sarang? Let us know in the comments below!

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