Super Junior’s Heechul Is Shocked by Handsome Guest on “Hello Counselor”

On March 28’s episode of KBS‘s “Hello Counselor,” Super Junior member Heechul drops in to share some dating advice to a male guest, but is shocked by how handsome he is!

The 28-year-old guest has applied to the show because although those around him tell him he’s handsome, he has never had a girlfriend in his life. The hosts get him to show them how he acts with women by having him act out a date with Oh My Girl’s Hyojung. It’s clear from their test date that he’s not good at conversation, and isn’t sure what kind of question is appropriate, as he asks Hyojung almost immediately about her ex-boyfriends.

hello counselor 4

After the test date, Shin Dong Yup announces that he’s invited Heechul on the show as an “expert” because he has so many female friends. “He’s really comfortable with all of them,” says Shin Dong Yup.

Heechul comes on to the stage and then is hilariously shocked when he sees the handsome guest, and even gets frozen on the spot for a moment. “Wow, he’s really good looking!” says Heechul. “Please sit down, I’m short.”

hello counselor 3

As everyone sits back down, Shin Dong Yup tells Heechul where to sit, but Heechul replies, “You mean here?” and sits down on the guest’s lap.

hello counselor heechul 2

“Hello Counselor” then shows Heechul backstage before he came out, when he saw the guest on the monitor and quickly asked the crew to grab him a mirror to double check his appearance.

Once they get in their spots on stage, Heechul just can’t help but keep staring at the guest. “He’s seriously handsome!” he says.

hello counselor heechul

Heechul then acts out a date with Oh My Girl’s YooA, impressing everyone with the way he asks her interesting questions, compliments her, and then later subtly takes her hand.

hello counselor heechul 3

Watch more of Heechul on March 28’s episode of “Hello Counselor”!

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