BTOB Reflects on Their Journey as a Group

Boy group BTOB, recently looked back on their journey as a part of the promotion for their eighth mini album, “Remember That.”

Currently active as “healing” idols with their title song of the same name, the group has been raising awareness about themselves slowly but steadily. Although there hasn’t been any issues or incidents for BTOB over the years, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have any hardships.

BTOB remarked that, “We are looking at the long-term outlook in terms of our activities. That’s just the path we’ve taken. Honestly, we think that BTOB is becoming more known to people now than before so we’re pretty happy.”

Regarding their activities specifically, the group commented that, “We’re proud of ourselves when we see BTOB on shows and we’re just really happy of the fact that the broadcasting companies send us casting calls. We’re also very proud that we hold year-end concerts and we always strive to work harder.”

In addition, the group commented on the times that they had it hard by saying, “Anyone can experience hardships anywhere. We’ve always had hard times as well. There is no flower that blossoms without hardships. We would like release songs every spring and encourage listeners through our music as “Bom (the Korean word for Spring) To B.”

BTOB has included ballad and R&B genre tracks that fit the soft, warm spring season in their recent album. The group enhanced their unique musical flavor by increasing participation of all members in writing lyrics and rap-making.

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