BEAST’s Lee Gikwang Thanks Fans for Birthday Gifts and Donations

BEAST member Lee Gi Kwang recently celebrated his 26th birthday (international age) on March 30! To celebrate the occasion, fans sent him presents and donated money to charity in his name.

Lee Gi Kwang took to his personal Instagram to thank B2TYs for the kind gestures, uploading pictures of several certificates that he received in commemoration of the fans’ donations. Through the pictures it was revealed that fans had donated to multiple charities including foundations for children and the disabled.

저를 대신 해서 이렇게 좋은 곳에 기부해 주셔서 너무너무 감사합니다!!!!!!

A photo posted by GEEK (@gttk0000) on

너무너무 감사합니다!!! 덕분에 너무나 뿌듯하고 기분이 좋습니다!!^______^~ A photo posted by GEEK (@gttk0000) on

“Thank you for donating to these amazing places in my name!” he wrote in the caption. “Thanks to you, I feel proud and happy.”

He also uploaded a picture of all the gifts that sent him, enough boxes and bags to fill a small room. “I will use and treasure all the gifts you sent me,” he wrote. “Thank you for sending me congratulations on my birthday. I will keep working hard in the future to repay all your love and support. Please support the drama ‘Monster’ as well.”

Catch the latest episode of “Monster” below:

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