Details About Kai and Krystal's Relationship Revealed

It’s April 1 in this side of the world, so when local news source Dispatch announced that EXO‘s Kai and f(x)‘s Krystal are dating, everyone thought it might be joke. However, SM Entertainment later confirmed that the two are dating, making Kaistal (Kai +Krystal) real.

Dispatch now delves a little deeper into the couple, detailing what they have know about the couple through their observation and investigation.

As it was previously reported, Kai and Krystal make time to meet each other between their busy overseas schedules. EXO and f(x) were on concert tours in different parts of the world in February, and Kai’s and Krystal’s inability to see each other often made them miss each other more.

Krystal and Kai are label-mates and knew each other as trainees. Krystal joined SM as a trainee in 2006 and Kai joined in 2007. Although they were both born in 1994, Kai’s birthday is in January and Krystal’s in October, making him an oppa to Krystal according to the way Koreans deal with age. But the two speak to each other informally. f(x) debuted three years before EXO, making them sunbae-hoobae, as well as friends.

Although in separate groups, the two have worked with each other a few times, with Kai appearing in f(x)’s second studio album teaser and the two attending at luxury brand open party last year, as well as appearing in a fashion pictorial.

Krystal and Kai are seen as a really good match for each other, with similar looks, tastes, and hobbies. They are also a popular couple among fan fiction.

Kai and Krystal have been friends for about eight years. A source close to the couple tells Dispatch that is only after this year that their feelings began to stir. Because they were friends, people misunderstood them as a couple before, but they only recently developed into a romantic couple.

The two are said to have simple dates at restaurants famous for having delicious food, not at luxury restaurants. The two are known to be foodies. They try to avoid places with a lot of people like Gangnam.

A source also tells Dispatch that because the two like leisure sports so much, they went skiing for a day together. They weren’t recognized because of all the ski gear they were wearing.

Krystal and Kai date like any normal college couple. They dress casually and wear glasses and hats. Because they are already known to be friends, they aren’t that self-conscious about the public’s gaze and they are easily recognizable.

Kai is gentlemanly towards Krystal, with Dispatch spotting him taking off his coat for her during their date. Krystal is said to have smiled brightly back at Kai when he gave her his coat.

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