Update: Block B Shares Group Teaser Photo and Zico’s Individual Teaser for “Blooming Period”

Update April 8 KST:

Block B has now released two more teaser images for their comeback, one of the group all together and one of leader Zico.

block b zico

Update April 7 KST:

Block B has revealed their track list for their comeback album “Blooming Period.”

It looks like fans have a lot to look forward to with several songs being composed and written by Zico. Park Kyung also participates in writing the lyrics for two songs as well. Furthermore, Taeil has a solo song while B-Bomb and U-Kwon have a duet track.

Block B Track List

Update April 7 KST:

Block B members Taeil and Jaehyo are the latest members to reveal individual teasers!

block b taeil block b jaehyo

Update April 6 KST:

Block B has now released individual teasers for members P.O and B-Bomb. 

block b P.O

block b B-BOMB


Block B has shared their first individual members teasers for their upcoming comeback!

On April 5 at midnight KST, the seven-member group began teasing for their return with “Blooming Period” by uploading photos of two of the guys, Park Kyung and U-Kwon.

block b park kyung

block b u-kwon

Block B’s new album will be released on April 11 at midnight KST, and their title track “Toy” was produced by the group’s leader Zico. They have already dropped a pre-release track from the album entitled “A Few Years Later.”

This will be Block B’s first release in a year and seven months. Are you looking forward to hearing more from Block B?

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