Lee Kwang Soo Plays Dirty In Attempt To Become Kim Ji Won’s Partner On “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo is known for cheating during games and this time, he has done it to Kim Ji Won!

On the May 1 episode of “Running Man,” the members play a game to become partners with Kim Ji Won.

In order to become her partner, Lee Kwang Soo has to press the buzzer and answer her question quickly. When Kim Ji Won starts counting down the time, Lee Kwang Soo raises his hand and hits Kim Ji Won in the throat to stall her, completely shocking everyone.

running man2

Everyone yells and laughs at Lee Kwang Soo while he keeps trying to complete the game. Kim Ji Won laughs as her eyes water up because of the impact, and Lee Kwang Soo apologizes, asking her if she’s okay.

running man3

She then puts on a dramatic face and says in a hurt tone, “Wasn’t that too much?” This makes Yoo Jae Suk angry, and he gets up to scold Lee Kwang Soo. “Do you know how hard it was to bring her to this show? What do you think you’re doing?!” he yells.

running man4

Kim Ji Won keeps laughing and says to herself, “Wow, I didn’t expect that at all.”

Descendants of the Sun” actors Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won appear together on this episode of “Running Man,” which you can watch in full on Viki below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096421v-running-man-episode-297

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