Watch: Jinwoon Attempts 13-Storey Zipline Mission On “Hitmaker”

On the May 6 episode of new JTBC variety show “Hitmaker,” the cast try their hand at ziplining in Germany.

Kangin, Jung Joon Young, Jinwoon, and Lee Chul Woo are all flustered at the roof climbing and zipline mission, but Jinwoon is the most frightened.

“Jinwoon doesn’t look good,” Jung Joon Young says. “Do all four of us have to ride?” When Kangin gathers his courage to make an attempt, he says, “Now that I’m up here, I’m starting to feel afraid.”


In the end, Lee Chul Woo is the first to jump. The zipline is suspended from a height of 13 storeys and he says afterward, “The first jump is the most frightening.”

Kangin and Jung Joon Young follow him without hesitation, and Jung Joon Young even says, “It wasn’t scary at all” at the end. But Kangin adds, “I don’t think Jinwoon can do it.”

Jung Jinwoon

Although Jinwoon panics and tries to get out of the mission, he eventually overcomes his fear and completes it successfully, to everyone’s applause.

Watch his brave attempt below:

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