WINNER Wins Children’s Hearts On “Half-Moon Friends”

Boy group WINNER is starting to win the hearts of the children on JTBC’s “Half-Moon Friends.” During the recent episode that aired on May 7, viewers can see the children start to open up to their idol group teachers.

During their first outing together, WINNER enthusiastically sings songs with the children in the car and even hold an exciting arm wrestling contest at the spa.

The members of the group go through many tasking situations throughout the day including dealing with tantrums, washing the children, and taking them to the restroom, which further develop the relationships between teacher and student. Through meet and greet time with a few of the parents, the group also had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the students.

After ending their time together, WINNER takes the time to video chat with the children, expressing that they missed them. The children also sent a heartfelt video message as a present to their teachers. WINNER mentions that they accidentally started to talk the way they do to the children at their concert – showing how much the children grew on them.

Also, when the children and WINNER reunite to spend time while picking partners, Mino has his heart broken when a few of the kids reject him as well.
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