Jo Se Ho Makes Cao Lu Cry The Night Before Their Wedding On “We Got Married”

On this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Cao Lu makes a strange request to Jo Se Ho.

After coming back home from their date at the night market, the couple enjoy taking the time to take care of their skin with face masks together. While face masking, Cao Lu reveals that “it is a tradition of the Miao (an ethnic minority group from South China) to cry before their wedding,” and asks Jo Se Ho to make her cry.

Jo Se Ho responds by immediately utilizing his acting skills to act out a scene and immerse Cao Lu into a tear jerking situation about an incurable disease. Cao Lu goes along with Jo Se Ho’s acting, saying she knows he has athlete’s foot and shedding hot tears all the while.

Jo Se Ho Cao Lu

Watch the clip below!

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