Yook Sungjae And Joy Put On Tearful Goodbye Concert On “We Got Married”

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy, the “Bbyu Couple,” made their last appearance on MBC’s “We Got Married” on May 7. They were the youngest as well as the longest-running couple among those currently on the show. Yook Sungjae and Joy made their last episode a special one by putting on a mini-concert for each other.

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The couple hosts and performs in their very own “Bbyu Music Core,” singing songs that express their feelings towards each other. Joy sings BoA’s “My Sweetie,” but cannot help from crying during the song. She also congratulates Yook Sungjae for his birthday – something even he forgot. In addition, Joy gives her virtual husband homemade fruit tea syrup and a fishing reel as presents.

Yook Sungjae Joy We Got Married

In return Yook Sungjae sings her Jung Joon Il’s “Hug Me.” Joy bursts into tears again and clings to Yook Sungjae in a teary hug while he continues to serenade his wife. The BTOB member also apologized for not being more expressive.

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Joy confesses that she was purposely more proactive and enthusiastic as that is Yook Sungjae’s ideal type, even over-reacting at times, to which Yook Sungjae expressed his gratefulness to Joy for being considerate of him. The couple tried their best to share their last moments in high spirits, looking back on all of their memories and singing one last song.

Who else will miss the Bbyu couple?

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