Kim Tae Hee Is More Than Your Average Tourist In Italy

Actress Kim Tae Hee shares pictures from her recent trip to Italy on her Instagram account, and she does not fail to look flawless in her photos, even as a tourist.

Sporting sunglasses, a light colored scarf, and polka dotted sweater, Kim Tae Hee poses in front of beautiful Italian landscape. She comments, “This trip was a chance to really think about genuine humility. I already miss Ischia island.”

In another picture Kim Tae Hee is photographed while exploring the inside of a Catholic church. “It was crowded today because it is a national holiday. Definitely a different experience from when I came my first year of college.”

The actress can also be seen freely enjoying her vacation in a third picture where she pets a dog she meets on the street.

Kim Tae Hee Italy

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