TWICE Wins No. 1 on “Inkigayo” With “Cheer Up”; Performances by Akdong Musician, Crush, SEVENTEEN, and More

Congratulations to TWICE for winning No. 1 with “Cheer Up” on SBS’s “Inkigayo.” Placing second and third were Jung Eun Ji and Eddy Kim.

Meanwhile, following the departure of MC Kim Yoo Jung, guest MCs have been making an appearance on the show. This week, it was actress Lee Yeo Reum.

Performers for this week’s show include Akdong Musician, Crush, Jung Eun Ji, VIXX, Lee Hi, NCT U, HISTORY, TWICE, Lovelyz, SEVENTEEN, OH MY GIRL, Laboum, APRIL, Mintty, MIXX, Cocosori, and Cosmic Girls.

TWICE winning

Comeback Special

Akdong Musician – “RE-BYE” and “How People Move”

Crush – “Wooah”


Jung Eun Ji – “Hopefully Sky”

Lee Hi – “My Star”

VIXX – “Dynamite”

Lovelyz – “Destiny”

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

TWICE – “Cheer Up”

OH MY GIRL – “One Step, Two Steps”

Cosmic Girls – “Mo Mo Mo”

Laboum – “Journey to Atlantis”

APRIL – “Tinker Bell”

NCT U – “The 7th Sense”

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