BTS Talks About How Far They’ve Come At Epilogue Concert

On May 7 and 8, BTS achieved their dream by performing on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena for their “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue” concerts.

At their first concert on the night of May 7, the guys talked about how amazing the moment was for them. “I really didn’t know that we’d get here,” said Jimin. “This is a stage that everyone who’s just starting out dreams of. I’m happy and touched, while also a bit sad too. I’m feeling so many things right now that it’s hard to describe them with just one word.”

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The group recently released their special album “Young Forever,” which wraps up their “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series. Leader Rap Monster said at the concert, “Although this moment is beautiful, I hope it won’t be the most beautiful moment. I hope that we’re just turning over the first page of a book called ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.’”

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In a video played at the concert, Jimin was shown saying, “Right now is the happiest time in my life so far,” while fellow member Suga added, “But I believe we’ll have an even brighter future.”

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Rap Monster cried as he explained that he used to come to concerts at the Gymnastics Arena before their debut, and he’d dream of performing there himself, even though it seemed like it could never happen for him. He said, “We’ve arrived here at this point after a bumpy ride. Thank you for liking us, and for responding to us genuinely.”

Rap Monster also said to the crowd of fans holding up their light sticks, “I’ve thought a lot about when the start of ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ was for us. There are a lot of moments like when we debuted, when we received an award, or when we got first place for the first time, but I think that the start of it for us was when we first met all of you. Thank you for being together with us for the most beautiful moment.”

The guys naturally performed many of their hits, including “Run,” “Butterfly,” “Boy In Luv,” “Hip Hop Lover,” “Silver Spoon,” “Dope,” Ma City,” “Attack on Bangtan,” “Fun Boys,” and more.

They also performed tracks from their new special album for the first time, such as “Save Me,” “Young Forever,” and “Fire,” which Jin described as having “the most difficult choreography yet.” The members said they were touched to see their fans singing along to the new tracks, even though it’s only been five days since they were released.

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Suga said that achieving their dream of performing at the Gymnastics Arena has only given him more aspirations for the future. He also added, “This is an honor that I won’t forget for the rest of my life.”

“When you feel you’re happy, it’s ‘the most beautiful moment in life,’” said Jimin. “‘The most beautiful moment in life’ for us will always be standing on stage in front of you all like we are now. For now, we’ve only just come to the Gymnastics Arena. We have more to show you in the future. We now have the strength to do even better things together in the future.”

BTS will soon be heading out on a tour of Asia in June that will make stops in Taiwan, China, Japan, the Philippines, and more.

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