Lee Kwang Soo Teases Go Ara For Using Dirty Tactics On “Running Man”

On the May 8 episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” Go Ara reveals a shockingly competitive side to her otherwise easy-going personality, which doesn’t go unnoticed by her fellow cast members. The aggressively competitive nature of the episode leads to the cast members discussing each other’s playing style – did they play clean or dirty?

The conversation begins in the car, when HaHa asks Lee Je Hoon, “What kind of game style do you have? Do you play dirty?” Lee Je Hoon replies, “I show good manners, but I have a cool-headed, competitive style.”

go ara haha lee kwang soo

Meanwhile, Ji Suk Jin jokes, “Even if you watch the Premier League you’ll see our slightly dirty style,” to which Lee Je Hoon responds, “Like Chelsea’s Diego Costa?” referring to the soccer player’s aggressive style of competitiveness.

go ara haha

At this point, Lee Kwang Soo chirps in, quipping, “But Go Ara’s game style isn’t completely clean either,” earning loud denials from the actress, even as she laughs.

Watch the latest episode below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096422v-running-man-episode-298

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