Watch: Uhm Ji On Makes It Very, Very Clear That She Wants A Younger Sibling

Singer Uhm Jung Hwa recently shared a hilariously adorable video of her niece Uhm Ji On expressing just how much she wants a little brother or sister.

On May 8, Uhm Jung Hwa uploaded a video to Instagram of Uhm Ji On running around barefoot after her dad Uhm Tae Woong on a patio. In her caption, she says that Uhm Ji On is wearing Uhm Jung Hwa’s clothes, and she expresses her amazement at how well her niece can speak now.

In the video, Uhm Ji On yells to her dad, “Dad, where is the baby?!”

After the young girl comes over to her, Uhm Jung Hwa asks her, “What did you ask for?”

“A baby!” replies Uhm Ji On. “A younger sibling? A little sister?” asks Uhm Jung Hwa.

Uhm Ji On then stands back, looking in the direction of her dad, and yells loudly and dramatically, “I want a raise a younger sibling!”

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Watch the hilarious video below!

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Uhm Tae Woong and Uhm Ji On previously starred together on KBS’s “The Return of Superman,” which they left last November.

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