Actor Lee Sang Yoon Seeks Support From Fans For His Relationship With Uee

Earlier last week actor Lee Sang Yoon and After School member Uee’s relationship was made public. Lee Sang Yoon and Uee’s respective agencies confirmed that the two stars started dating earlier this year after meeting each other at a gathering.

On May 8 Lee Sang Yoon posted on his fan cafe, “This past week has been quite hectic, right? I know that many of you were surprised. It must have been a shock to those who truly care for me, and I apologize for the sudden news. I’m sure all of you have heard already, but I am in a romantic relationship with actress Uee.”

Lee Sang Yoon further confessed, “There are many people who are worried about the effects of a public relationship; however, as important as my profession as an actor is, I personally did not want to hide the fact that I am dating someone I truly love. I hope you can understand. I know it is selfish of me to say, but I would love to receive the support of my fans.”

Do you think Lee Sang Yoon’s fans will give their support?

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