Soompi’s Original Web Variety “Topp Dogg: All-Kill” To Start Airing This May

Soompi’s latest project is a unique and global collaboration of the variety sense. Partnering with Hunus Entertainment, we’ve decided to bring you something a little different from our usual interviews: “Topp Dogg All-Kill”!

ALL-KILL: The ultimate definition of success.

What is “all-kill”? First of all, it’s the ultimate definition of success. You’ve heard of achieving an all-kill on the charts, but what about completely owning a task? We’d consider that an all-kill.

We partnered with Topp Dogg for their unique personalities and willingness to go the extra mile to complete whatever mission is thrown at them.

And, throw missions at them we did.

Combining fan-submitted missions and our own variety games, Soompi’s first original web variety show, “Topp Dogg All-Kill” is a new kind of variety thanks to its international, fan-driven nature.

From May 23 to July 25, tune in every Monday at 9PM KST to witness the members’ creativity, hard work, and genuine friendship in all of their glory as they take on and “all-kill” everything we (and you) throw at them! The Whisper Challenge? Perfect. Eating relay? Done. Write, produce, and record an original track just for the show? “All-Kill.”

Check out the teaser below:

Join us for the first episode on May 23 and we’ll have special signed prizes (we’re talking memorabilia from the guys’ trainee days) and one-on-one video calls with Topp Dogg to giveaway to fans following along the series. Visit our website at to keep up-to-date on all of the latest airing news.

Are you ready?


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