I.O.I Manager Under Fire For Mistreatment Of Members

Recently, a man assumed to be the manager of girl group I.O.I has been gaining attention for mistreatment of the girl group members.

A short video clip was posted on the official I.O.I fan cafe titled, “Video of manager yelling [at members] to hurry and get in the car after music show recording.”

The clip shows member Yoo Yeonjung greeting fans before getting in the car after which a man assumed to be the manager yells angrily for the girls to “hurry up and get in.”

The original netizen who posted the video said, “As I.O.I was coming out with umbrellas after today’s pre-recording of ‘The Show,’ [the manager] yelled at the girls to ‘hurry up and get in’ for greeting fans as they were getting in the car but, isn’t this too much,” and, “If he does this in front of the fans, I can’t imagine how much he must mistreat them in the car or the dormitory. I haven’t seen what happens behind doors but honestly the video is enough.”

The poster continued, “I understand that the job of the manager is not easy but it is part of the service industry, so is it okay for him to act this way in public,” and, “I don’t know if he is treating I.O.I like this because they are rookies. The more I think about it, I don’t understand.”

Other netizens who came across the post couldn’t hide their surprise and anger at the video. I.O.I fans are currently waiting on the group’s agency, YMC Entertainment, for an official apology from the manager in question.

Check out the video for yourself below:

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