Suzy Shares Beauty Tips As The “Nation’s First Love”

Actress and miss A member, Suzy, reveals that she does not want to lose her title as the “Nation’s First Love.”

Suzy appeared on OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty” on May 11 to spill her best beauty secrets. By explaining the products in her pouch, Suzy reveals what she uses to take care of her skin and shares her beauty know-hows on maintaining her flawless and white complexion.

When asked about what title she does not want to let go of the most, she chose the title of “Nation’s First Love.” Suzy’s reason was because “people remember their first love as an unchanging beautiful memory.”

To make sure her looks also back up her title, Suzy reveals that she has started using anti-aging beauty products. After cleansing she immediately applies serum before applying toner. She also shared other tips like applying face cream to her makeup brush for better foundation application.

It will certainly take more than just anti-aging serum to keep up with Suzy. What’s your anti-aging beauty routine?

Suzy Get It Beauty

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