Yoo Yeonjung’s Name Is Left Out Of I.O.I Album; Agency YMC Entertainment Responds

The recent omission of I.O.I member Yoo Yeonjung’s name from the group’s album is drawing the anger of fans.

A May 12 post on an online community site titled “Yoo Yeonjung’s name is missing from the I.O.I album” has been becoming a hot topic.

A photo of a page from the photo book for I.O.I’s first mini album “Chrysalis” was uploaded along with the post. The image shows Kim Sohye, Kang Mina, Choi Yoojung, and Yoo Yeonjung posing together in school concept outfits.

The English names of the members are provided on the left side of the photo, except for that of Yoo Yeonjung.

Fans responded furiously, saying, “This is too much, everyday there is a problem,” “The agency doesn’t do anything right,” and, “Isn’t this discrimination against Yeonjung?”

I.O.I’s agency, YMC Entertainment released an official statement regarding the issue, “Yoo Yeonjung’s name is missing from one of the photos in the I.O.I album. Her name is in every other place but it was not included in that one photo by mistake,” and, “We have already revised this.”

Meanwhile, fellow member of I.O.I Jung Chaeyeon is also the hot topic of discussion after it was revealed that she rejoined girl group DIA, which is a part of her original agency, MBK Entertainment. Jung Chaeyeon was originally a part of DIA before leaving the group, becoming a trainee, and participating in Mnet’s “Produce 101.”

Although the agency revealed that they will make it so that it “doesn’t interfere with I.O.I promotions,” it didn’t help to relieve the sense of betrayal felt by the fans.

With the “Yoo Yeonjung missing name” case becoming an issue on top of others surrounding the group, many are voicing their concerns for I.O.I.

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