BIGBANG’s T.O.P Faces Criticism After Uploading Smoking Photo

BIGBANG’s T.O.P is facing criticism for a photo he recently uploaded to his Instagram.

The rapper uploaded various photos on May 13, showing him dressed up in a black suit at a foreign restaurant. However, one of these photos shows the star with a lit cigarette to his mouth, causing many to question the photo.


Although T.O.P has been shown smoking cigarettes in past magazine pictorials to show a more mature image, netizens are critical of his decision to upload such a picture to his Instagram, where many young fans have access to the photos. They argue that impressionable teenage fans may wish to copy him after seeing such pictures of him smoking, and while it is he has to right to post freely, he should do so responsibly.

T.O.P was previously embroiled in a different controversy back in March, when he was caught on camera dropping a cigarette out of a moving car by fans in China. Because both controversies involve smoking, many fans express disappointment in his behavior. He has since deleted the photo from his Instagram account.

What are your thoughts on these criticisms?

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