Watch: Jung Yong Hwa Gets In Serious Trouble With Haha On “Infinite Challenge”

On May 14’s episode of “Infinite Challenge,” CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong Hwa gets a bit too swept up in a magical musical moment and makes Haha angry!

For the show’s “Wedding Singers” special, the cast members have invited guests to team up with them to perform congratulatory songs at viewers’ weddings. Haha invited his wife, singer Byul, while Jung Yong Hwa was invited to be a part of Kwanghee’s team, along with Lee Jun and BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon.

While all the teams are gathered together, Byul sings a rendition of Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending,” with Park Myung Soo’s partner Jang Bum Joon of Busker Busker accompanying her on guitar.

Jung Yong Hwa looks totally moved by her gorgeous voice, and when the two make eye contact, he starts spontaneously harmonizing along with her with a big smile on his face. He even stands up to turn it into a proper duet, and the pair both stretch out their hands to each other romantically as they harmonize beautifully.

byul jung yong hwa

But almost immediately, some of the other guys point out that Haha looks really angry, and when Jung Yong Hwa notices, he runs over to him, waving his hands to ask him not to misunderstand his intentions.

Haha says something, but the show writes in the caption, “The audio director muted Haha’s audio for him.” As the set is in chaos, Byul yells at a retreating Jung Yong Hwa, “One more time!”

“I thought they were filming a movie just now,” says Haha with an incredulous laugh.

Watch the clip below!

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