Watch: New Couple Kim Jin Kyung And Jota Have An Epic First Meeting On “We Got Married”

On this week’s episode of “We Got Married,” new virtual couple Jota of MADTOWN and model Kim Jin Kyung meet each other for the first time in an exciting way!

The two get all dressed up for their wedding, but before they meet, Jota is driven up a long winding road to a mountain cliff, where he’s told he has to go paragliding in order to meet his virtual wife. Meanwhile she’s anxiously waiting down in a field for him in a beautiful dress.

kim jin kyung 2

Jota says he loves extreme sports, and he doesn’t seem scared at all as he flies down to her while paragliding. He yells excitedly, “I’m coming to see you! Where are you?!”

jota 1

However, when he gets down to the field, he’s disappointed to find that there’s no one there waiting for him. In his interview he says, “It looked like a place set up for a wedding, but there was no bride.”

Jota finds Kim Jin Kyung’s mission card on the table, and realizes who his virtual wife will be. But there’s still no sign of her in the field!

jota 2

As he’s looking around, he suddenly hears a scream from the sky above. “No way!” he says. It’s none other than Kim Jin Kyung, who explains in her interview that she decided to go paragliding too because she felt bad that he had to do it on his own.

She falls backwards when she reaches the ground, but Jota comes up to her and takes her arm to help her up. The two then finally bow to greet each other, and briefly shake hands before Jota leans over to help her take off her gear.

“He was coming close to me, and I thought he was going to just shake hands with me, but then he took off my knee protectors,” says Kim Jin Kyung. “Rather than his face, I saw his actions first. Before we’d even really said hello properly, he was taking care of me. So I thought he’s really dependable.”

Watch their first meeting below!

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