BEAST’s Lee Gikwang Responds To Fans’ Worry After Seeing Him In A Cast

BEAST’s Lee Gi Kwang responds to fans’ worry after a photo of him wearing a plaster cast on his arm circulated the Internet.

A rep from the star’s management agency CUBE Entertainment on May 15 confirms that the injury was only minor and nothing for fans to worry about. “Lee Gi Kwang’s arm injury is not severe. While playing soccer, he just got a slight bruise,” the rep says.

“The plaster cast for the arm was just a preventative measure. We are relieved that the injury is not major,” the rep continues.

Lee Gi Kwang himself has taken to Instagram to calm fans’ worries. He takes a photo of himself revealing his bare left shoulder and upper arm with the caption, “My arm is fine, see? Keke don’t worry and please have a good rest.”

봐봐 내 팔 괜찮치?ㅋㅋ걱정말구 모두들 푹 쉬어요^_____^

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