Watch: AOA’s Seolhyun and Jimin Shed Tears At Comeback Showcase As They Apologize For Recent Controversy

Girl group AOA held their “Good Luck” comeback showcase today, and members Jimin and Seolhyun shed tears as they apologized for their recent historical knowledge controversy.

AOA’s Jimin’s voice was shaking as she began to talk, saying, “Since it’s our first comeback in a year I was very nervous, but I apologize for disappointing many people with this issue before our comeback. I will work hard to show you the best side of myself.” Jimin’s voice was heavy with tears as she thanked the press for coming.

jimin aoa

Seolhyun was thanking the press for attending the comeback, when she paused, unable to speak. Seolhyun then struggled through tears to say that she will show a prudent side of herself from now on. She apologized once again, bowing her head, and said she will work hard.

Meanwhile, AOA released their fourth mini album today with the title track “Good Luck.” The song is a refreshing summer dance number written by Canadian composer Matthew Tishler, and it topped music charts soon after its release.