Lee Kwang Soo And “The Sound Of Your Heart” Cast Say Goodbye In Photos From Last Day Of Filming

KBS 2TV’s new web-drama “The Sound of Your Heart” has released some behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and staff on their last day of filming.

This web-drama is an adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same name, produced by the variety department of KBS. It first started filming in March and has ended its 52 days of filming now.

The Sound of Your Heart 1

The story revolves around a cartoonist and his comedic family. Lee Kwang Soo will be playing the main character, Jo Suk, and Jung So Min will be playing his girlfriend, Ae Bong. Kim Dae Myung will be playing Lee Kwang Soo’s older brother, Jo Joon, and Kim Byung Ok and Kim Mi Kyung will be playing Lee Kwang Soo’s parents in the drama.

The Sound of Your Heart 3

Fans can get a sense of how much the cast has bonded just by looking at these behind-the-scenes photos. They seem to have gotten very close during the two months they worked together.

The Sound of Your Heart 4

The staff of “The Sound of Your Heart” stated, “The filming has finished and we just need to edit and reveal it now. We will work hard to edit it well so that the actors’ charms and the humor get delivered to the audience. Please give ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ a lot of love. It’s coming soon this fall.”

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